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Research Department: Fast Match


Using EIN Finder to obtain information on multiple companies can be tedious, especially with very long lists to match. Our FASTmatch service can take your database and append EINs to it quickly and easily. From the moment you submit your list to us, one of our researchers will be hard at work ensuring that the correct EINs are added accurately. Most lists are completed in less than 48 hours. If you have a list of EINs, we can append the companies to it as well.


Your returned database will include:
  • EINs
  • Company names
  • Address information
  • Phone numbers (where available)
  • NAICS Codes (business codes)
  • Accurate and current data through the use of the National Change of Address system
    and telephone verification software
  • A score report to show how closely the information in our database matches yours

Our services can change to match your needs. Some of our current satisfied clients include:
  • Shipping companies
  • Insurance brokers
  • Healthcare firms
  • Record keepers and libraries

Unlike most companies that charge you for the number of records you want matched, we ONLY charge for those records we are able to successfully find matches for.
Charges for our FASTmatch service are:
  • $199 setup fee
  • There is a minimum order of 3,000 records
  • There may be additional charges if your file requires special attention, formatting, or cleanup
  • A fee based on the number of records matched. Please call 202-728-0111 for exact pricing.

Please contact us for more information, or to place an order.

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