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You may subscribe to EIN Finder today as either a Single-User or Multi-User Corporate Account. A Single User is licensed for:

  • Limited Access based on a maximum number of searches permitted per month; or
  • Unlimited Access with passes that are good for one day, one week or one year (and offer unlimited searches).

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Limited Access searches:
These plans are designed for Singer Users who conduct a predictable amount of searches per month (30, 100 or 300). Searches are allowed from the start of each month until the maximum is reached. The search count resets to zero on the first day of each month.

Unlimited Access passes:
Single-User accounts may conduct as many searches as they wish during the period selected (day, week or year).

Note: Single-User accounts allow only one log-on at a time.

Multi-User Corporate accounts
can be an economical way to give several users within the same company simultaneous access. Our Customer Service staff will help you select a Multi-User plan that meets your needs and budget. Please call us at 1-800-231-0669 for details.

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