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How EIN Finder Can Increase the Productivity
of Your Company

Click on a link below to learn how EIN Finder can help your company...
  1. Increase speed and accuracy
  2. Verify the identify of customers and vendors
  3. Reduce processing time and cost
  4. Find new customers and prospects
  5. Prepare tax returns and government filings

Increase Speed and Accuracy
EIN Finder puts at your fingertips a vast amount of official data, as filed with the IRS and continuously updated by our staff. Within seconds, you can find accurate company names, EIN numbers and industry codes.
Pat Burnett of UPS Supply Chain Solutions:
“I have wonderful results…This is a real help to me when I need an EIN number to get a shipment cleared at UPS. It is a very easy and convenient way to get the EIN numbers. Thank you.”
Verify the Identity of Customers and Vendors
As identity theft increases, your company must take precautions to verify that entities are who they claim to be. Otherwise, wasted time, lost profits and even lawsuits can result. EIN Finder allows you to quickly verify identities by checking names and numbers against official data.
Charles Katz, President of Printerm Datascribe, Inc.:
“I use EIN Finder every day. I find it accurate, up to date and extremely helpful in my business. It immediately confirms the Fed Tax ID of customers, their head office address and phone number. It is an important element we use to determine the legitimacy of a customer!!!”
Reduce Processing Time and Costs
Shippers, insurers, customs brokers, healthcare companies, CPAs, bankers and many other types of companies must search for dozens of EINs each business day. EIN Finder is designed for efficiency. Its quick and easy search routines will help you cut to the chase and increase productivity.
Debbie Talarico, Commercial Auto Specialist with Chubb Group:
“An EIN if often needed for issuance of our auto policies or ID cards. Your site makes it so simple to obtain. You just type in the name of the insured and hit ‘search.’ I have found it to be very useful and a time-saver!”
Find Customers and Prospects
EIN Finder helps you find hundreds of business prospects in a given zip code along with their industries, addresses and (in some cases) phone numbers. Many EINs are linked to other public filings that you can access online, helping you drill down into details on company size, employee benefit plans, key decision-makers and other valuable data.
Ben Bartel, Consultant for Mutual of America:
“I was having trouble locating a company by their name, but had their EIN. Using EIN Finder, I was able to locate the company quickly and easily.”
Prepare Tax Returns and Government Filings
CPAs, customs brokers, corporate finance staff and others who prepare official filings demand timely, accurate EINs. With on-demand access to EIN Finder, you can be confident that your tax filings and critical paperwork won’t be delayed.
Richard F. Etling, CLU, ChFC of Qualified Pension Services:
“We use EIN Finder to confirm the correct numbers for Form 5500 filings. It also is very useful in determining if Trust EINs have been properly secured…and is one of the most valuable Internet tools in our office.”

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