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Single User, Limited Search Plans The Affordable Option
Tax season special!
$499.00 for 6 months
6 Month Subscription for only $499!
Up to 500 searches per month
Single user only
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Single User 100
$149.00 per month
$349.00 per year
Single User
Limited Access
100 Searches Per Month
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Single User 300
$249.00 per month
$529.00 per year
Single User
Limited Access
300 Searches Per Month
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Single User, Unlimited Search Plans For Power Users
1 Month Pass Regular
$499.00 per month
Single User
Unlimited Searches
1 Month Only
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1 Year Pass
$1,399.00 per year
Single User
Unlimited Searches
1 Year Only
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Multiple User, Unlimited Search Plans - Unrestricted Corporate Access
Corporate Access
Multiple Users
Unlimited Search Access
Please call us at 1-800-231-0669
for pricing and more information.
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Data Appending / Licensing
Quickly match a large list
Fast turnaround
Accurate matching
Ideal for systems integration, CRM management, and much more
Reseller licenses available for this extremely profitable data
Accurate matching
Please call 1-800-231-0669 for more information about licensing.

Bulk TIN Verification
Bulk TIN Verification
Perfect for those who prepare large quantities of 1099s
IRS verified results
Please click here or call 800-231-0669 to learn more.

Need Help?
If you require assistance signing up or have any questions about EIN Finder, please contact a Judy Diamond Associates representative at 1-800-231-0669.

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