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Our Clients and Partners






Healthcare Professionals

I myself and the company I work with really like freeERISA because it is very helpful when trying to find a doctors office or other business tax ID number. FreeERISA is really helpful and thank you for developing a database system like it.

-Katrina White, Assurance Registrar - Barnes Jewish Hospital

I use this site on a weekly basis to obtain Federal Tax IDs for new non-staff physicians. The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) was passed in 2002 and requires that hospitals have additional information such as the Employer Identification Number for admitting and attending physicians. The hospital information system will hold the patientís account from bill status until this information is entered in the physicianís dictionary. This site provides us with this information so that we can keep our billing exception report at a minimum.

-Kendra Boetcher, Systems Manager - Genesis Healthcare Systems

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Insurance Agents

I have always used the EIN finder to aid in responses to bureau criticisms; however, now that our company is in run-off mode for commercial business, it has been that much more helpful. This is due to the fact that our staff is now so small, and that we have closed contracts with a lot of our old commercial agents, so the EIN Finder has been a lifesaver in some cases, helping us to avoid numerous fines.

-Regina Bishop, AIS, AU - Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company

-Marnie M. Chase, Accounting Specialist - CNA Insurance Co.

I have used the search via EIN option on FreeERISA.com. I find this to be a very useful way to research 5500 information for my clients. It provides a way to directly find the Plan(s) that I otherwise may not find by Plan name. The EIN is most often a constant to the plan where the Plan Name and/or Employer Name can change. I am positive that I will continue to use this option in the future.

-Kristie Nedved, Analyst - Great West

I use the FEIN finder daily most of the time. It has been a fantastic tool and has made my job that much easier.

Thank You

-Tracy Newcomb, ASR-Comm., Auto Division - Chubb Insurance

Instead of calling the company to get the FEIN number, I found... FreeERISA convenient & very helpful. I absolutely will recommended this website.

-Nelia Miranda, CSR - The Hartford

I work for The Hartford Insurance Company as an Underwriting Assistant in the Commercial New Business department. It is my job to rate, quote and issue commercial policies. We need to enter the insured's FEIN into our systems to quote and issue policies. More often than not, this information is not on the application sent in by the agency. I use your EIN Finder database on a daily basis, and more often than not, I find the information I am looking for. It makes my job a lot easier, and it is just one less piece of information we need to request from the agent.

My coworkers and I really love your website... Thank you for providing this service, and keep up the great work!

-Tracey Baker, Underwriting Assistant - The Hartford Insurance Group

I work for Chubb Insurance and my department is responsible for commercial auto in our company. The EIN is often needed for issuance of our auto policies or ID cards. Your website makes it so simple to obtain. You just type in the name of the insured and hit "search." I have found it to be very useful and a time saver!

-Debbie Talarico, Commercial Auto Specialist/ROC - Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

We have many producers in our territory contacting companies with in-force NQDC plans to ensure they are in compliance with a regulation just passed this year. Using the EIN Finder allows our producers to get the contact information for those companies to make the initial call or to send a letter with materials. This service has been a great tool for us, since in many cases, we only have the EIN and the name of the company. Thanks to FreeERISA.com, it has made obtaining the additional info needed, very simple. Thanks!

-Mark Rocklin, Internal Wholesaler - Pacific Life

I find the EIN Finder an invaluable resource when it comes to finding FEIN's for auto policies. Some policies will go from year to year with no response from the insured when we ask them to provide the FEIN's. So I'll search your database and about 95% of the time, I'll find what I'm looking for and the policy goes out with current and accurate information on it. It's a handy tool that I use almost daily. Very helpful!

James Bartlette, Customer Service Consultant - The Hartford

The EIN Finder that FreeERISA.com offers has been an incredibly useful tool in my opinion. I appreciate your e-mail, and suggest that this search tool be referenced by anyone in the insurance field, to insure accuracy. It is efficient and expedient as well.

-Amy Baar, CSR - Charlotte Renewal

I use the EIN Finder for Workers' Comp and Auto policies. I need the FEIN numbers in order to issue a policy. Your website is very Helpful!

Kathy Moore, Risk Management Department - Chubb

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Customs Brokers & Shipping Companies

We are a company that uses this site on a daily basis. It is very helpful [to our business]. IRS numbers and addresses are essential to our daily job performance. We thank you for EIN Finder.

-Jennifer Porritt, Release Agent - Norman G Jensen

I think that EIN Finder has been a great asset to keeping our clients shipment moving and not held up at the U.S. Border when the information in not on their paperwork.

-Bonnie Emmens, Release Agent - Affiliated Customhouse Brokerage

Our Customs Brokerage Firm has found EIN Finder to be a fantastic tool and an enormous help in our business.

-William Scazlo, Broker - Great Lakes Customs Brokerage, Inc.

Yes indeed, this search engine really helps us out, we export international shipments for our clients and one of the criteria's is reporting a shipper's EIN number to Customs. At times the clients forget to give us their EIN number and it's after hours thus we cannot talk to them therefore EIN Finder helps us help our clients!

-Jorge Quintana, Export Manager - Mid-America Overseas Inc.

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Accountants & Financial Professionals

The EIN database has proven to be very useful to me. As a CPA I deal with several different companies as well as there EIN's. This... service has allowed me to quickly find much more then just a company's EIN, other information includes industry and address. Thanks for the... service and I will continue to make good use of it.

-Brian Sauers, CPA

The EIN Finder is a an excellent tool for our pension administration business. We use the EIN Finder to confirm the correct numbers for the Form 5500 filings. In addition, on takeover cases, the EIN Finder is very useful in determining if Trust EIN's have been properly secured. FreeERISA is one of the most valuable internet tools in our office.

-Richard F. Etling CLU, ChFC - Qualified Pension Services, Inc.

We use your database to print 5500 Forms of some of our clients when we need to evidence the Plan is a qualified ERISA Plan. Recently, when I tried to pull up a client's 5500 I couldn't seem to get one using any part of their name so I saw the link to use their EIN and tried there, it pulled it up immediately. It is so much faster going to FreeERISA.com rather than bothering our clients, the few times someone asks us for proof of ERISA qualification. Thank you for the wonderful service.

-Carolyn Rice, Subrogation Specialist - Benefit Administrative Systems, L.L.C.

I was having trouble locating a company by their name, but had their EIN#, by using the EIN finder I was able to locate the company quick and easy.

-Ben Bartel, Consultant - Mutual of America

In order to prepare the 5500 Schedule D, we are required to detail the EIN and plan numbers associated with any common or collective trusts that the company participates. We ask for this information from our investment managers, but it is often incomplete. Therefore, the EIN search tool was very useful to confirm that the information provided is complete and accurate.

Mark W. DeBoer, Senior Benefits Analyst - CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

The EIN Finder database was most helpful in locating EINs for charitable contributions that several of my clients had made to 501(c)3 qualified charities. I hope to use this database in future as need arises.

-Warren Goldman, CPA

I have used the EIN Finder for a number of years. Working in the pension industry I find that I do a lot of research into EIN's and Trust EIN's, as sometimes an employer will give us inaccurate information. The Pension industry requires a separate EIN for the retirement plan, and employers sometimes provide us the "employer's" identification number rather than the Trust identification number. If an employer had been using their employer identification number for the trust, my responsibility is to request a separate EIN for the trust from the IRS. I have researched the internet and have not found a comparable "free" product out there. I will continue to use the EIN finder as a valuable tool in successfully assisting me in my job.

Allisen Fox, Business Analyst - Russell Investment Group

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FreeERISA has helped us to improve our controls regarding  data  accuracy of the vendors that are created and maintained in our system.

It is an important tool in our daily work, since one of our main tasks is to create "vendor accounts"  in our Global Supplier Data Base. With this tool we can validate sensitive and unique information that clearly identifies a vendor, such as the tax identification number and in other level the name, physical address and telephone numbers.

We can also find other useful functions on this page such as the percentage of  the number of times a company name appears under the same EIN on government files, so we can know which will be the primary name a vendor uses for legal matters.

For all these  reasons we are more than glad to be using FreeERISA's services to validate the information we upload into our systems to check data accuracy and validity.

-Carolina Murillo, VMD Operations Team Leader - Procter and Gamble

EIN Finder was easy to use and gave me the info in needed faster than other sources I've use din the past. Thanks!

-Kevin O'Hara, Vice President - Corporate Synergies, Inc.

I use EIN Finder everyday. I find it accurate , up to date and extremely helpful in my business. It immediately confirms the Fed Tax ID of customers , their head office address, and phone number. It is an important element we use to determine the legitimacy of a customer!!!

-Charles Katz, President - Printerm Datascribe, Inc.

It's been a very useful tool for our sales team... There are many times when we have missing EIN numbers, and your EIN finder has enabled us to get that info timely to ensure sales transactions move thru the system.

-Don Longenecker, Data Consultant - Choice One Communications

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Banks & Mortgage Companies

I work for a large banking company that serves as trustee for over 2000 Defined Contribution plans, and as part of my duties here, I complete many Form 5500 filings. Some of those are newly converted plans, where we did not complete their 5500s in previous years. If these clients fail to send us copies of prior years' returns, the freeERISA.com site has been a lifesaver. Especially in cases where they may have changed their name, or if there were plan mergers upon conversion, the site's EIN Finder comes in really handy in tracking down those plans. It's a great feature, keep it on there!

-Kris Hargesheimer, Compliance Specialist- Wells Fargo ITS

My company uses your site as part of our quality control process for mortgage lending. We verify the existence of a borrower's employer via the EIN number. Having the ability to do this simple verification reduces the time we must spend for QC.

Sandie Barilla, Senior VP of Operations - WestWorksMtg.com

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Law Firms

I size="4" am an employee benefits attorney representing clients with operations in many states. I find the EIN finder invaluable in assisting these clients with, among other items, their reporting and disclosure requirements under ERISA.

Thomas A. Conlon, Jr., Esq., - Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP

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