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Bulk TIN Verification


Bulk TIN Verification allows you to have TIN/Name combinations verified directly against the IRS database, ensuring accurate and reliable matching. Our service matches your electronic file up to 100,000 records and provides you with verification results often within one business day. For a low fee, EINFinder will provide you the assurance your records are correct.

Every year, tens of thousands of penalty notices are sent out by the IRS to the nearly two million payees reporting missing or incorrect TINs. At $50 per error, the fines can quickly reach thousands of dollars. Validation is an important cost saving step a payee takes to comply with federal 1099 regulations, and our Bulk Tin Verification service eliminates the red tape involved in the process. Let us deal with the IRS, so you don’t have to.

Please send us an email at support@EINFinder.com or pick up the phone to call one of our representatives at 800-231-0669. We’ll confirm your data is in the correct format, provide you with a working timeline, and ensure your success with our Verification and Matching services.

Have business names but looking for their EINs? EINFinder can help you too with our FastMatch service. Send us your file of business names or EINs and we can append missing data such as the Tax ID, company name, and physical address.

Call us today at 800-231-0669 to get started.


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